Computer Hope quiz results

Mr Yadav quiz results overview

Test participant:Mr Yadav
Total questions answered:148
Total correctly answered: 143
Total incorrectly answered: 5
Total Points:271
Your overall percent:96%
Your rating:Computer Know It All
Time to complete:31 minutes
Date completed:September 20, 2019

Category results

Definition:9 of 9(100%)
Hardware:39 of 40(97%)
Security:5 of 5(100%)
Internet:11 of 12(91%)
MS-DOS:4 of 4(100%)
Software:13 of 13(100%)
Windows:9 of 10(90%)
Network:17 of 17(100%)
Linux:8 of 8(100%)
Program:7 of 8(87%)
Web design:7 of 7(100%)
History:8 of 8(100%)
People:2 of 2(100%)
Apple:4 of 5(80%)

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