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Founded in 1959, Calcomp was a manufacturer of disk and tape products, computer plotters, digitizers, and other printer technologies.

Contact information

Calcomp is no longer in business and has no e-mail or phone support options. Computer Hope may still be able to assist you with any technical support related questions, but cannot help with any part replacements, warranty, or other company specific related questions.

See the Company News below for a listing of the companies who took over parts of this company.

CalComp services

  • Technical services and spare parts - CalGraph Technology services, Inc.
  • TechJet 5500 large format inkjet plotter and printer information - CalComp Graphics.
  • Digitizer, tablets, and scanners - GTCO CalComp, Inc.
  • Film imaging systems - EcoPro Imaging.
  • Cutter and sign maker products - Summa.

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Company news

1999 - Calcomp Technology, Inc. and it subsidiaries, have shutdown all its operations and transferred all of its businesses.