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Compaq was founded by Joseph (Rod) Canion and other Texas Instruments engineers in 1982. In 2001, Hewlett Packard announced it would be purchasing Compaq.

Contact information

Phone: (800) 888-0220
Fax: None or unknown
TDD: None or unknown
Website: Compaq official website
Address: Compaq
P.O. BOX 692000
Houston, TX 77269-2000
Stock: HP

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Company news

October 14, 2001 - Compaq recalled AC (alternating current) adapters sold with some of its Armada and Prosignia notebook models, and were sold individually as well. The adapters were sold from 1998 through 2001.

September 06, 2001 - Hewlett Packard announced it would buy Compaq.

January 26, 1998 - Compaq acquired Digital Equipment Corporation for $9.6 billion.

1997 - Compaq purchased Microcom.

March 1983 - Compaq released the Compaq portable, the first 100% compatible IBM computer.

1982 - Compaq was founded.