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Founded in 2001 by Tom Daly, Jeremy Hitchcock, Chris Reinhardt, and Tim Wilde, Dyn is an IPM (Internet Performance Management) company. It offers services to customers who need to dynamically route Internet traffic to their domains in intelligent, customizable ways.

Dyn's first and most popular service is DynDNS, which allows users to dynamically update the address resolution of a permanent domain name. Dyn offered DynDNS as a free service until 2014, when it became subscription-only.

Oracle purchased Dyn in November 2016.

Contact information

Corporate: (603) 668-4998
Support: Dyn Help Center
Website: Dyn official website (now Oracle)
Address: 150 Dow St., Tower Two
Manchester, NH, USA 03101

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Company news

On October 21, 2016, Dyn was the target of a DDoS attack which disrupted Internet domain name resolution for major web properties including Twitter, Spotify, GitHub, and Airbnb. Unidentified hackers launched the attack from the Mirai Botnet, a coordinated network of virus-infected IoT devices. The attacks were successfully mitigated by the end of the day. However, the outage made global news and raised discussion about vulnerabilities inherent to the centralized organizational structure of the Internet.