GE Intelligent Platforms

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GE is short for General Electric, a company first established in 1890 by Thomas Edison as the Edison General Electric Company, then as General Electric on April 15, 1892. Today, GE is a multinational conglomerate that operates in many industries, like automotive, aviation, engineering, gas, healthcare, pharmaceutical, power, transportation, and water.

GE Intelligent PlatformsGE Intelligent Platforms is a division of GE Home & Business Solutions and handles Control and Communications Systems, Industrial Software, and other Military and Aerospace products.

Contact information

Phone: (800) 433-2682
Alt phone:

(434) 978-5000

General e-mail: General GE contact information.
GE Intelligent Platforms e-mail: GE Intelligent Platforms contact page.
GE address: General Electric Company
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
GE Intelligent Platforms address: GE Intelligent Platforms
2500 County Road 1575
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Stock: GE

Company news

June 7, 2006 - SBS Technologies became part of GE Intelligent Platforms.