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Novell Data Systems began life in 1979 as a computer operating system manufacturer and later was incorporated in 1983 as Novell Inc. They are one of the leading providers in networking operating systems and networking solutions; including the famous NetWare operating system.

As of 2014, Novell is now part of Micro Focus.

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Company news

April 6, 2015 - Micro Focus completed its acquisition of Novell.

March 13, 2001 - Novell acquired Cambridge technology partners.

July 23, 1996 - Caldera acquired all DRI (Digital Research, Inc.) assets from Novell.

1996 - Corel acquired WordPerfect and Quattro Pro from Novell for $180 million.

1995 - SCO acquired Unix System source technology business from Novell Corporation. SCO also acquired UnixWare 2 operating system from Novell.

January 26, 1994 - Novell transferred its database software product to Btrieve.

1993 - Novell acquired all Unix assets from AT&T.

1987 - Novell acquired Softcraft Inc. the developers of Btrieve.