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Virgin Interactive Entertainment logoVirgin Interactive was the video game branch of the British conglomerate Virgin Group. It was renamed several times, first as Virgin Interactive Entertainment, and then as Irvine Games Inc. In July, 2003, the company was acquired by Titus Software, a French software publisher, and rebranded as Avalon Interactive. The company ceased operation in 2009.

Contact information

Virgin Interactive is no longer in business and has no e-mail or phone support options. Computer Hope may still be able to assist you with any technical support related questions, but cannot help with any part replacements, warranty, or other company specific related questions.

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Company News

July 2003 - Virgin Interactive now runs under Avalon Interactive.

November, 1998 - Virgin is now a part of Irvine Games Inc. and has ceased operations. However, the business of Virgin Interactive continues to be conducted through its London headquarters.

1998 - Virgin Interactive agrees to buyout from Interplay Entertainment and acquires 43.9% of Virgin Interactive. This agreement gives Interplay the distribution rights in North and South America.