MS-DOS and Windows command line dosshell command

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
dosshell command

Dosshell is an application that allows a user to utilize a partial GUI (graphical user interface), so new DOS users have an easier and more efficient time finding their way around.


Dosshell is an external command that is available for the following Microsoft operating systems. In MS-DOS 4.x and 5.x was used as the external file. In MS-DOS 6 dosshell.exe was used as the external fie.

Dosshell syntax

DOSSHELL [/T[:res[n]]] [/B]
DOSSHELL [/G[:res[n]]] [/B]
/T Starts MS-DOS Shell in text mode.
:res[n] A letter (L, M, H) and number indicating screen resolution.
/B Starts MS-DOS Shell using black-and-white color scheme.
/G Starts MS-DOS Shell in graphics mode.

Dosshell examples


This command would load the new dosshell window on top of the previous DOS session. To exit out of the MS-DOS session you're in, type "exit."