Computer drivers, firmware, and software

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Reference Driver links and Q&A
Driver Dictionary definition and related links about computer drivers.
ADSL ADSL and IDSN drivers and software links.
BIOS Information and support on computer BIOS updates.
CD-ROM Blu-ray, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD drive drivers.
CD-R/RW Blu-ray, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD drive drivers.
Controller Controller (IDE , SCSI, RAID, etc.) drivers and firmware.
Camera Digital camera drivers and software.
DVD Blu-ray, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD drive drivers.
Hard drive Computer Hard drive related drivers.
ISDN ADSL and IDSN drivers and software.
Keyboard Computer keyboard drivers, software, and layouts.
MODEM Computer MODEM drivers and related software.
Mouse Mouse drivers and software.
Monitor Monitor software related information.
Motherboard Computer motherboard drivers and related software.
Network Network interfaces and card drivers and software.
Printer Computer printer drivers and software installation.
Removable Removable and tape drive drivers and software.
Scanners Computer scanner drivers and installation software.
Sound Card Sound card drivers and software.
Tape drive Removable drives and tape drive drivers and software.
Video Computer video card drivers and software.
Support Contact information on all computer companies.
CH000288 Unable to run or error with downloaded file.
CH000494 How to find what hardware is installed in the computer.
CH000546 What hardware device drivers should be updated?
CH000644 How do I locate software or drivers for my computer?
CH000834 How do I install a computer driver?
CH000835 Driver has not passed Windows logo testing error.
CH000868 How do I determine the version of a driver in Windows?
CH000920 What order should I install my computer drivers in?
CH001148 How can I move drivers from one computer to another?
CH001701 How to find files used with Windows computer drivers.
Drivers Links to other companies who list computer drivers.
Forum If your question or driver is not listed on this page, try our online forum.