Microsoft Excel

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Reference Questions
Excel Dictionary definition and related links about Microsoft Excel.
Office Microsoft Office suite links and help.
Shortcuts Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.
Tips Microsoft Excel tips.
CH000462 Stop Internet Explorer from opening Excel files.
CH000463 Search multiple Excel pages at once.
CH000527 What are the Windows files with tildes?
CH000638 Changing the security level in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.
CH000703 How can I create and edit a comment in Microsoft Excel?
CH000704 How do I create a named cell in Microsoft Excel?
CH000722 How can I get Microsoft Excel only to show up once in the taskbar?
CH000748 Password protecting Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
CH000763 Remove the clipboard toolbar feature from Microsoft Office 2000 programs.
CH000774 How do I change an Excel relative cell to an absolute cell?
CH000777 Getting #NAME? when entering data into Microsoft Excel.
CH000874 How to merge and split cells in Excel and Calc.
CH000892 How do I add or remove a row or column in Excel?
CH000911 How do I create a chart or graph in Excel and Calc?
CH001123 Microsoft Excel opens saved Excel file as a blank workbook.
CH001536 How can I protect an Excel file?
CH001169 Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint files without Microsoft Office.
CH001217 Excel up and down arrow keys move page instead of cell.
CH001218 Help, examples, and information on Excel formulas.
CH001219 Type an equal sign in a spreadsheet without doing a formula.
CH001220 Getting #VALUE! in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
CH001222 Where can I get a free spreadsheet program?
CH001224 Getting #DIV/0! in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
CH001306 How to insert, change, and delete page breaks in Microsoft Excel and OO Calc.
CH001356 How to create a CSV file.
CH001357 How to open a CSV file.
CH001375 How do I set margins in Word, Writer, or other program?
CH001376 How to merge or combine multiple files.
CH001414 How to combine cell values in Excel.
CH001616 How do I insert a picture or clip art into an Excel file?
CH001654 How to adjust the width of a spreadsheet column or row.
CH001687 How to insert and customize a table in Microsoft Excel.
CH001740 How to move down a line in a cell within Microsoft Excel.
CH001742 Change uppercase and lowercase text in Microsoft Excel.
CH001746 How do I sort a list in Microsoft Excel?
CH001770 How do I start a newline in a cell?
CH001772 How to create drop-down menu in Excel.
CH001783 How to create and rename a worksheet in Microsoft Excel.
CH001823 How to add Word Art in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
CH001826 How to change the name of the column headers in Excel.
CH001827 How to create check boxes in an Excel spreadsheet.
CH001829 How to hide rows or columns in Excel.
CH001836 How to select one or more cells in a spreadsheet program.
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