Increasing Windows 95 and 98 performance

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Speeding up the starting of Windows95

Download TweakUI, which has an option that allows you to do this, also if you are not running DriveSpace then you can delete the "DriveSpace.bin" from c:\windows and also c:\.

Delete *.TMP files

Windows is capable of having thousands of temporary files, which can decrease the speed of your computer. Search for *.tmp and delete all found files. This saves disk space as well as possibly increase the speed of your computer.

Speeding up the restart of Windows95 and 98

Edit the MSDOS.sys and add the line BootDelay=0 to the [Options] section.

Freeing up memory in MS-DOS

Add the section LocalLoadHigh=1 to the [386Enh] section of the system.ini file.

Free up seven megs of disk space

Delete all *.avi files in the c:\windows\help directory (these are just movies to show you things you probably already know, like how to click on the start button).

Free up disk space

You can delete *.txt, *.prv,*.old, and *.___ from the root directory (c:\) also you can safely delete *.log, *.old, *.___, *.bak, and *.00? (the question mark means any number, so from dos in the Windows directory, you can just type deltree *.00? and that should free up some disk space).