Computer file extensions - F

Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope
f file extensions

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "F." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click the corresponding beginning letter below.

.F4V MP4 video file for Adobe Flash.
.FCP FLAMES checkpoint restart file (Ternion Corporation).
.FDF Adobe Acrobat forms document.
.FES 3D Topicscape fileless occurrence after export to Windows.
.FF AGFA CompuGraphics outline font description.
.FFA Microsoft Fast Find file.
.FFF 1. GUS PnP bank.
2. defFax fax document.
.FFL 1. Microsoft Fast Find file.
2. PrintMaster Gold form file.
.FFO Microsoft Fast Find file.
.FFT DCA/FFT final form text.
.FFX Microsoft Fast Find file.
.FITS Flexible Image Transport System file.
.FLAC OGG FLAC sound file.
.FLV Adobe Flash file.
.FND Microsoft Windows search file for Microsoft Windows XP and later.
.FON Font files to support display and output devices.
.FPB FLAMES playback file (Ternion Corporation).
.FPR FLAMES prototype file (Ternion Corporation).
.FPX FlashPix file.
.FQY FLAMES FLARE command file (Ternion Corporation).
.FR3 dBase IV renamed dBase III+ form.
.FRC 1. FLAMES RECORD output file
2. FLARE input file (Ternion Corporation).
.FRF FontMonger font.
.FRG dBase IV uncompiled report.
.FRK Compressed zip file used with Apple Macintosh computers.
.FRM 1. Form file used with various programs.
2. Microsoft Visual Basic form.
3. FrameMaker document.
4. FrameBuilder file.
5. Oracle executable form.
6. WordPerfect merge form.
7. DataCAD symbol report file.
.FRO 1. dBase IV compiled report.
2. FormFlow file.
.FRP PerForm Pro Plus form.
.FRS WordPerfect graphics driver.
.FRT FoxPro report file.
.FRX 1. Microsoft Visual Basic binary form file.
2. FoxPro report file.
.FRZ FormFlow file.
.FSC FLAMES scenario file (Ternion Corporation).
.FSH EA Sports file.
.FSH Firestarter projects file. Used by Habanero Firestarter.