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Author Topic: Motherboard powers on for 1 -2 secs then powers off continuous loop no post beep  (Read 994 times)

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This is what i have so far

Intel i5 1156
DDR3-10600 (2X2GB sticks)
Centurion 550 mid tower case w 2 fans
400W power supply

After assembly I tried powering it on and it comes on for 1 -2 secs then powers off in a continous loop, I disassembled everything down to just the CPU and CPU fan and still problem remains.  When I plug in the 4 pin 12v connector it doesn't come on at all......any suggestions?......Thanks in advance


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Power_good signal maybe..

Try another power supply of equal or greater wattage.



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I've had this 1-2 second power on-off thing before. For me it was a loose screw that was short-circuiting my Mobo. Check for loose screws.