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Author Topic: onboard video and video card problems  (Read 1523 times)

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    onboard video and video card problems
    « on: January 27, 2011, 03:13:44 PM »
    My computer is a Sony Vaio PCV-RS320
    I have 1.5g of memory
    Running Windows 7 32bit
    and the computers motherboard comes with an Intel 865G Intergrated Graphics 64MB Max Dynamically shared Graphics Memory Onboard.

    My problem is that i have 2 video cards that I have tried, one is an HIS Radeon 9250 (AGP)128mb, and one is a Geforce 6200 AGP 512mb. I am not a good story teller so pls stay with me here...
    I play World of warcraft, just as reference I get 10-30 fps with the Radeon 9250 in game. I have also taken the 9250 out and used the onboard 64mb video and it runs exactly the same fps and performance as it does with the card in. i thought it should be an improvement with any video card installed! as a fluke the game let me load it without a video card installed. normally it doesnt, instead an error ( i think i left the ATI drivers installed but just took the Radeon card out and it worked with my onboard for some reason).

    I couldnt figure it out so i just assumed that the Radeon was out dated and decided to buy a newer and better card. So i bought a Geforce 6200 AGP 512, and sure as heck i get the same performance with it installed!!

    My bios does not have a power user setting to speak of, and I cant set it to use AGP as the primary video. or i think that would completely fix it.

    The only difference i am getting with the two cards installed is that with the Geforce installed I dont have a dual monitor option in the display settings( monitors with 1 and 2 on them), where i did with the Radeon. And the Geforce is also not showing up as duplicated in the device manager under display adapters. where the Radeon did. not sure if that makes any difference. At boot up the Nvidia card shows the first boot screen as 512 GEforce etc. does that mean my computer is auto switching its graphics to aGP?

    My computer is detecting the cards and they come up with a (!) in the device manager when the hardward is installed but waiting for drivers.

    I went to the help page and also my manual for this computer but I am running windows 7 32bit and the fix on the help page was only for up to WinXP.

    I dont see any jumpers on the computers motherboard or i would mess with thoes too.

    There is something with this factory computer, its made to be user friendly and the bios is not for any advanced user. its like it was not meant to be upgraded, any other computer besides a Sony Vaio would be no problem im sure.

    I dont want to take it in and pay 100 bux to get it working at a shop, I gotta do it myself!

    Can anyone figure it out? I searched and posted for a solution with the Radeon 9250 when it wasnt giving me performance, but now im fed up!! 2 cards giving me no performance changes, gotta try posting again.

    THanks for reading, email, PM, any answers are much appreciated!


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    Re: onboard video and video card problems
    « Reply #1 on: January 27, 2011, 05:10:52 PM »
    Onboard video is AGP, so AGP card won't offer performance gain.
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