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Author Topic: hard disk`??? wont reboot even with recovery disk yet all disk checks say fine.  (Read 1241 times)

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    I am a new player here, so excuse me if i make a mess of this. I have a Sony Vaiol laptop and am  running vista.  I haven't used it for a lot other than internet, so data etc.is limited and space is good.
    my problem started suddenly when i turned on pc and a black screen with the error message,"disk read error, press cntrl+alt+del to continuie."
    didnt do it! Wouldnt do anyuthing.
    Finally, I acquired legal sony recovery disks. And when the screen to choose operating system comes up, there is none so it says apply drivers and im lost, I have no familiarity with hard disk drivers so....but did bring up command prompt in recovery and through luck and lil else, i happened on chkdsk and found it to all check out but it does say NTFS not fat 32, but found no problems. Now Im dumb completely!!! Help if you can.


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    Sony Vaiol laptop.
    Has problems of its own. It is not piratical to give you guidelines on this laptop. There have been many issues about how to repair and maintain it. The recovery discs should have everything you need.

    Here is a bit of advice, not really my own, try to sell the unit to somebody that thinks they know how to fix it. Then go buy a new or used laptop that will suit hour needs.
    The cost of ownership of any laptop is higher that many new users expect. Some more than others.

    This  may sound like a rant to put down Sony. It is not. Sony has made their own bed of nails. Look at this article from last year:
    Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Everything You Need To Know
    Read the article. You decide.


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    Geek isn't ranting, he's absolutely right. From my experience, Sony laptops are trouble. They're not worth the extra expense you pay for having the Sony name on it.

    As for your recovery disks, some laptops have multiple disks for recovers. In some cases, like my HP and my girlfriend's Toshiba, the OS was on one disk and the drivers were on another. This varies from brand to brand and model to model, but if you're putting in the disk and it's saying something about drivers and asking you to choose the OS, it might be a driver only disk.

    Did the computer come with Windows and does it have a Windows COA? (usually on the bottom of the laptop, looks like the picture below)

    Image from keznews.com



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      have you tried chkdsk /f or /r?


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      Ignore the above post.