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Author Topic: Files and Settings Wizard Transfer Wizard? Will Not Transfer.  (Read 1358 times)

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I'm trying to transfer my Files and Settings from one computer (Dell Optiplex Gx520, 3Ghz/2Gb/80Gb. XP Pro SP 3) to the next (Dell Latitude D620, 2Ghz/2Gb/160Gb, XP Pro SP 3 ) using a Null Modem cable on com1 for both computers. Both computers register a successful connection and start the transfer. The first time I tried, I got to 0.34% before it stopped on both computers. It didn't freeze or anything and the animated Icons ( pages going from one file to the next) were still working but it stuck on 0.34%. The next 2 times it stopped at 0.10%. This last time?" It stopped at 0.37%. I left both computers on for 24 hours. No screen Savers and when I turned the Monitors back on? Both were still at 0.37%. I checked the drivers for the com1 ports and both are ok on both computers. I did a Clean Install on the Latitude D620 from bios and a lot of the drivers were missing (including my Network Drivers) System Information says that a NIC card is there but it doesn't give me any more information than that. I'm officially Stumped and I probably need advice from someone smarter than me. If you need any more information than I've provided just tell me. Any sound advice could probably help. Thank you


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Re: Files and Settings Wizard Transfer Wizard? Will Not Transfer.
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2011, 05:22:26 PM »
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The program failed because of a hardware protocol issue.
using a Null Modem cable on com1 for both computers.
The OP wants :
...direct connection ...via a connection using either the serial port, parallel port or the infrared port of each computer..

Breakinout, whoever told you to use a null modem cable was not giving all the details. You need to either use a cable prepared  by one of the vendors, or you have to make one using the instructions found elsewhere for the specific program. Generic null-modem cables do not have the specific hand shake signals required by certain programs.

In any case, using a parallel port cable can be a better choice.
Did you already read this material?

A better choice, IMHO, is to use Ethernet. You get a cross-over patch cat 5 cable to tie two computers together. Or plug both into a router, hub or switch using standard patch cables.

Cables that are compatible with Direct Cable Connection

Pardon me. MS is not longer supporting all the features of the  files and settings transfer wizard.

Transferring over a Direct Cable Connection using parallel or serial cables and using floppy disks is not supported.[5] These methods were supported in the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP

This does not make ,it clear at what point they stopped it. It says XP. But that may not mean the last version, XP SP-3. Hard to say. I have not used it is so long a time I forgot what does and does not work right.
I recall the parallel port cable worked fine and the pins outs are well-defined. The serial pins outs ate  poorly defined.Thee are two many variations of what a modem cable should be. Many published definitions will not work with some software and hardware implementations.
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