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Author Topic: Disable Java automatic start/ automatic loading & control program access on XP  (Read 1646 times)

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I consider Java -- or any other program which ASSERTS its right to take over my system, hog resources, and potentially become a vector for malignant code (xp) -- as a disease. Unfortunately, Java is a disease which occasionally is necessary and, under quarantined conditions, should be manageable.

With that intro (I'm irritated at the moment, having been fighting to disable autostart of java for quite some time and not finding any answers on this question in my web searching), let me ask the questions:

How do I disable Java's ability to autostart while keeping it on the system?

Is there any program which can act to intercept any calls on Java and ask the users PERMISSION before allowing code to access Java?

I would think these would be common questions and the need to keep Java chained would have been addressed long ago and be a widely known and desirable addon. However, web searches have brought up endless drivel on disabling java UPDATES but not disabling or, better yet, controlling Java access.

Thanks for any help.


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DLoad 2 apps...StartupCPL from Mike Lin...and WinPatrol.....both FREE...
They will provide every option needed.
WinPatrol runs silently in the background...takes minimal resources ...but alerts you whenever any app requests a registry change or being added to the startup group.

Hope this helps.
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