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Author Topic: Max registry and paging file size for computer w/ 21 GB free space & 261040KB?  (Read 9529 times)

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old computer fix ittttttt

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    I want to fix my family member's computer. It is too slow. It freezes too. If I remember right it needs to have more virtual memory or a bigger paging file.

    What is the maximum size I can set my paging file and registry size?
    Total paging: Initial size? Maximum size?
    Max registry size?

    Computer info:
    Microsoft Windows 2000
    Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Mobile
    CPU 1133MHz
    AT/AT Compatible
    261,040 KB RAM

    21.8 GB free space on Local Disk (C:)

    Thank you for your help! I tried just setting both to as high as it would let me but the computer was even more slow than and it had pop-ups saying it was making something bigger.


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    Unless you have a specific reason to change them, you should choose the "recommended" setting

    It's unlikely your performance issues are caused by an incorrectly set paging file, nor do I think the issue can be truly remedied by it. From the sounds of it, the system is running a lot of software in the background, so it might be worth a look to eliminate background applications that you do not need.

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    Agreed - leave it at System Managed. And there is no setting for the registry size - it is what it is.

    If you are having specific problems with your computer please start a new thread describing the problems in detail and we'll try to help.

    I deleted your duplicate thread - no need to post the same question more than once.