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Author Topic: Question Virus Removal Related - Not infected, but removal tool related  (Read 1853 times)

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So in the past when dealing with virus removal, I generally took the hard drive out of the affected machine and placed it into an IDE or SATA dock to turn it into an external hard drive and have the virus non functional outside of its "startup and infected/affect state" rooted to the root OS of the drive it is on.

I have seen online people claim to use tools like creating a Bart PE startup CD or DVD with an antivirus on that to clean the systems as well as someone else on another google hit claimed to use a Linux Live CD with an Antivirus on that to clean the drive of malware.

Question I have is ... What are the best bootable tool methods of attacking the removal of the malware?

I am guessing its the bootable CD or DVD method which introduces a read-only source to the equation of which the system also boots off of so that any viruses would not start up, cant infect the disc, and they can be detected dormant and removed. I tried to make a Bart PE disc once placing Norton Antivirus on it, but it doesnt function, and then if it did function, how do you update the definitions on a read-only disc.

* I understand that there is the potential to infect my test station ( workstation I use for projects and data recovery and malware removal ) using my current malware/virus removal method. This is one reason why I never use my important systems to perform interaction with foreign drives to contain any infection to that of the test station which can be wiped out clean via a ghost image etc to start clean again at a baseline for next project etc. This test station is also running Windows XP Pro because Ghost 2003 works with Windows XP, but Ghost 2003 doesnt work with any newer OS than XP. So until I find the need to leave XP such as if the HDD becomes too big to access etc, I am sticking with XP, however if there is a good Linux option for a test station for malware removal etc, I am open at trying a distro and tool or two.