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Author Topic: Chrome Apps ( Are they safe / Verified to be ok before they are made available )  (Read 1683 times)

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Curious as to if Chrome Apps available through Chrome for use online and offine are verified safe before they are offered for download and installation?

Reason why i ask is because I found this app that was a good color selection for HTML that gave you the Hex to have this color in your html, and at the end of the install it installed a service that wants to run at start in the tray.... an application like this to want to run a service all the time seems very very fishy since to me I dont see a need for any service to be running to display a color palette make a selection and see the hex in a box below.  :-\


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Chrome is not as diligent in their app reviews as Apple or MS it appears...
Not sayin it's a bad thing ...but maybe research the service to see...
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