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Author Topic: 2008 MacBook vs 2010 MacBook hardware swap  (Read 2870 times)

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2008 MacBook vs 2010 MacBook hardware swap
« on: March 15, 2016, 01:15:47 AM »
What are the differences between a 2010 White unibody MacBook and  2008 Black polycarbonite MacBook? The 2010 Mac has a working logic board but needs a screen, fan, missing ram and needs all new casing (cracks and chips on top and bottom and i'm ocd about not having that).... the 2008 just needs a new logic board and has a good screen, fan and casing.... what is interchangeable between the two? I know I will have to buy ram and an SSD but I like them too much to just junk them both.... don't have much money at all to fix them so seeing what can be done if any but if not I can just part them out