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Author Topic: How to Buy a Injet Printer.  (Read 3149 times)

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How to Buy a Injet Printer.
« on: December 21, 2016, 01:50:58 PM »
If you have not bought a printer recently, you may be surprised about all the different types, models and prices you have to choose from.

You will find that some printers on sale cost less than  the replacement ink carts.  How can they h do that? Because the 'starter' carts do not last very long and yhou soon have to buy more. Like  maybe in one week.

The most popular all-in-one printers are made by:

Note that Apple no longer makes printers.
Other printers will work with Apple.

HP offers a wide variety of printers, even in the very low cost area.
However, this cost of real HP ink cartridges is rather high. The other makes of printers also charge a lot for ink that has the b rand name on the package.  There  is little proof that the more expensive ink is any better.

Also, repair of the low-cost printers is very hard. You will have to buy a new printer if the problem is very serious.

Now then, after saying that,let me tell you something. A lot of consumers are very mad at the printer industry. Three, HP,  Cannon and Epson are in lawsuits by class action.
Here is a link to just one such:

No, I am not working for them. But I think reading the allegations made will draw your attention and you will be careful to buy a new printer.

A quote from the above link:
This is not the first time HP has faced litigation over one of its printers. In 2013, a class action suit was filed claiming that two of HPís wireless printers contain a defective receiver that affects the printersí ability to stay connected to computers, rendering the wireless printing capability essentially useless. ...

Nevertheless, I will still buy HP.   8)

My recommendation: Go ahead an buy a cheap printer. Check the warranty.  Buy an extended warranty if the price is under  20%. It will pay for itself.  ;D