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Author Topic: Help in Building a budget gaming PC.  (Read 2553 times)

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    Help in Building a budget gaming PC.
    « on: March 16, 2017, 11:00:26 AM »
    Hi all,

    Greetings from India.
    First of all, I am a complete noob when is comes to PC. Been a console player for life. I have zero knowledge about PC parts.
    So I am planning to invest in a PC for 50000 INR which is roughly 750 USD. A friend of mine advised to check things on PCPP. But there is difference in the price range. So if some product shows as 40$ there ( 2616 INR) I get to buy the same product in 5400INR ( 82.5 $). And vice versa. So this is limiting my next to none brain capacity in building to built anything. Keeping in mind that this is a budget PC, I would still like to upgrade the system in 6 months or so to a better CPU like i5 7th gen or so and GPU. And I'll be running a Windows 10 64bit home. intel is preferred but with the budget I wouldn't mind AMD build as well.. So looking forward for some help. Will be highly appreciated.



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    Re: Help in Building a budget gaming PC.
    « Reply #1 on: March 16, 2017, 12:09:41 PM »
    What games do you plan to run and what kind of performance do you expect to get in frames per second and at what resolution?

    If your planning on upgrading the CPU in say 6 months then I am thinking if going with a Intel build, you could start with a newer i3 and later go with a i5 or i7. Thing is that if the money is going to be available 6 months from now... if there is no immediate need for a PC, you could take money you have now and keep it in the bank, and then in 6 months build a system with the CPU that you want without being wasteful with money.

    If you built it now and in 6 months you upgrade the CPU for a better CPU you might be able to sell the first weaker CPU to get some money back, but your still going to take a loss in the difference between what you bought the CPU at and what you sell it for used.

    If you were planning on getting by and then say 2 years from now an upgrade then you would get your moneys worth out of the first CPU before the upgrade and it wouldnt be as wasteful in money is how I feel if it was my build.

    I have built entry level gaming systems before using weak CPU's teamed with a good video card to later upgrade the CPU when money allowed. In some cases I found that the CPU that I bought off of ebay as a cheap CPU to get by on a new build until able to afford a better CPU came along that that cheap CPU I bought actually is plenty of processing power for what i do. An example of this is in a build where I needed a CPU to stuff into it until i could buy a better 8-core AMD CPU, I stuffed a Athlon II x2 215 2700Mhz Dual-Core into it that I bought off ebay used for $12 USD. I actually was able to play games and do what i needed and so when i did upgrade to the 8-core FX-8350 4000Mhz CPU for $159.99 USD on sale from normally $179.99 I was able to hold out to save myself $40.01 stretching the use of the older Dual-Core for another 18 months before buying the 8-core FX-8350 which when i wanted the FX-8350 initially it was $199.99. So by buying a low cost CPU off of ebay and using that for about a year and a half and then upgrading later I got my moneys worth out of the $12 CPU as well as bought that 8-Core FX-8350 at a lower cost because it wasnt so new anymore, but it was still the performance I wanted.

    So if you plan on having a CPU to get by for just 6 months. I wouldnt buy a brand new CPU, but instead buy one off of ebay good used and run that to get the CPU that you dont plan on keeping anyways cheaply to reduce wasted money when you upgrade 6 months from now. You can put that CPU such as a Core i3 back onto ebay and maybe get 75% of your money back as well.

    Another option is if you have any friends who upgraded and have a CPU kicking around. Maybe they can give you the CPU they pulled for free or inexpensively or even let you borrow it. One of my friends needed a faster computer but he didnt have much money. I upgraded my one computer and gave him my older weaker Sempron X2 2300 CPU for free because I didnt need it anymore. He is still running this Sempron X2 2300 and games with it with games that run ok on a Dual-Core CPU computer.

    The benefit of an i3 processor is that you can get them pretty cheaply used and most of them are Dual-Cores with Hyperthreading and so they act like a Quadcore for entry level gaming pretty well when teamed with a good video card.

    Before giving you ideas on what to build. We would need to have the questions at the start of this answered to know what you need as a minimum requirement. Some games out there a Core i3 would not work out very well for and so we need to know what your going to run for games during the say 6 month period that your on a temporary CPU.