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Author Topic: Get new Domain Name with the PRO suffix.  (Read 1787 times)

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Get new Domain Name with the PRO suffix.
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:51:57 PM »
This is about TLD chicness.
COM is the most common, followed by NET and ORG

Instead of buying  domain SUPERGUY.COM one might e SUPERGUY.PRO  from most of the domain name vendors.

A Bit of History...

Way back in the old days of the Web, when "all of the good domain names were taken" on .com, there was an initial expansion of new TLDs (including .info and .biz, which unfortunately ended up largely misused as junkyards for shady domains). One of the new TLDs in this group (back in 2004) was .Pro.

.Pro was conceived of as what would now be called a "Premium TLD" -- that is, a .pro domain would cost more than a domain on a normal TLD like .com, because it would carry a certain cachet that a normal .com (or .info, or .biz) domain would not. (I remember looking into .pro domains a decade or so ago, and pricing was several hundred US$ a year, or roughly ten times the going rate of a .com domain.)
.Pro domains were supposed to be reserved for "licensed professionals" (think doctors, lawyers, etc.). In fact, registrants were supposed to provide documentation about their licenses as part of the registration process. A few years later (2008), the list of eligible licensed professions was expanded (including Educators, Physical Therapists, CFAs, and many more).


Anyway, you can get  one if you think you are a PRO.  :)
You can get one if you know you are not a PRO.  :P
Either way,  you have to pay. It now is  about the same as the COM thing.

I found a vendor who will sell the first year for about $2 So I bought one. Will I tell you what it is? No, I am a pro and I do not put my PRO domain name here to get cheap publicity. Like a PRO, I will have to pay for the publicity. (After I makes some money.)  8)

Look around and find a vendor that offers a cheap first year on the less-used TLDs available.

I recommend PRO for anybody.
(No, I do not work for PRO.  I am a PRO.)   :rofl:


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Re: Get new Domain Name with the PRO suffix.
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 08:36:59 AM »
I never saw anything but .COM a wise choice for a start up. The only need to buy the alternatives .biz .net .gov .edu .pro , and all others would be to protect from others using the same domain name as you under an alternate suffix. Back when .biz was available one of my friends was super excited and he went with just whatever his website was .biz and the problem he ran into was that people would remember the site name but not the .biz part for his business. Too many people see a domain name advertised to check out and assume .COM he even had a customer ask him why he went with .biz because I couldnt get to your website so it became a problem for him. He wasnt big enough of a business for Google to find his site and have it in a search engine listing that people arent bothered with manually typing in a URL, and so for the fact that he wasnt known enough to be .biz vs .com and people assume a website domain being as .com he likely had people try to check out his website and give up as for many people are even bothered with having to manually type in anything into the URL bar to go to a website. He wasnt big enough to have a name that you could search engine and find him, he was really too small to run with the .biz as his main domain suffix as well as be didnt buy all suffix's and have redirects of all suffix's to .biz which would have been a solution, but he also didnt have .com as a suffix because the domain name he wanted someone else already owned the .com of and so him advertising was actually probably pushing potential customers to someone elses website whoever owned the .com suffix of the same domain name.

He should have really bought up a domain name and all suffix's of it and just went with .COM which is what 99.9% of people would expect vs .biz  ::)   And then with all suffix's owned have them all redirect to .COM

The different suffix's are a way to get more money out of people who want an explicit name as well as a means to give some people a false hope that they wont have troubles using a domain name that someone already owns the .COM suffix of that they can be sneaky and own that name under a different suffix and all will be well, when its likely that they will just be creating more traffic to whomever owns the lease to the .COM suffix. Additionally I have heard stories of alternate suffix same domain names being bought up and held for ransom to bigger businesses where buy this off of us for a large sum of money or we will post bad stuff at your domain name under a different suffix, so big businesses know to buy all suffix's and the minute a new one comes along like .xxx buy the lease on that too to lock someone from making a naughty site for say the white house's website etc as this was a real problem years ago.  ::)


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Re: Get new Domain Name with the PRO suffix.
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2017, 09:14:21 AM »
I've just now registered bc-programming.ca.

Topic got me looking at it and it was only 99 cents a year. (or $59 for 5 years? What?)
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Re: Get new Domain Name with the PRO suffix.
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2017, 11:57:53 AM »
I know this is an old thread but... the new gTLDs are practically useless. They're overpriced, extremely unprofessional, unwieldy and 99% of the time email from them is just spam content from Eastern Europe. I wouldn't go near them, just pick an original company, brand or site name and go with a .com, .net or .org depending on your purposes.