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Author Topic: Graphics card not displaying, black screen, says "no input found"  (Read 754 times)

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    • OS: Windows 7
    I was trying out this cheap game off Steam (Brothers: A tale of two sons), where in the game you control two characters (the sons) and was pressing I believe R-CTRL, Arrow Left, and possibly either ALT or the menu key can't remember. All of the sudden my screen goes black, and I'm like "Alright then".

    So I try to press the keys again, nothing. Turn off the PC, turn it back on, and nothing, my keyboard / mouse don't even light up (When I press keys the back lights behind the indicators for the "SCROLL LOCK", "CAPS LOCK", "NUM LOCK" look like they're TRYING to turn on, but don't).

    Try turning it off then on a few times, still nothing.

    So I switch out my graphics card, boots up like normal, run a BIOS diagnosis, comes back clean so I think sweet, it's fixed. Well I try the other card (One that wasn't working) and same thing happens.

    Now I'm thinking MAYBE it's a driver issue (I know, doesn't make sense considering Windows doesn't even boot up, but I'm guessing anything), so I plug in the second card again, and now it doesn't work. I try my onboard, nothing.

    I've tried another monitor as well and get the same issue, and no, I can't try the cards in another system, this is my only desktop.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!