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Author Topic: Failed to initialize' driver error nightmare  (Read 1350 times)

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    Failed to initialize' driver error nightmare
    « on: November 16, 2017, 03:04:59 PM »

    I own a device (Yamaha n12 mixer) and I am facing a similar problems I faced a couple of times before where I resorted to the ultimate cure - reinstalling windows just to get a driver working since nothing else worked. That nightmare is back.
    So all was working fine till yesterday. But today when I got my computer and the mixer powered, I got the dreaded 'Failed to Initialize' message for the mixer's firewire driver that comes with the n12. This is all the manual had to say about this issue -

    Error message: Failed to initialize.
    Cause: Initialization of Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver has failed.
    Solution: Restart the computer.

    Just for you to better diagnose the problem, I had also installed the latest Yamaha USB drivers a few days ago, since I thought of also incorporating an old yamaha device in my setup. Both, the firewire driver and the  USB driver seemed to work fine, but on the next boot the error started showing up for the firewire driver.

    No matter how many times I re-install the FW driver (latest or the previous version), restart my PC before installing this, after deleting that etc etc, or even delete registry entries for the yamaha FW and USB midi drivers (assuming I deleted the right entries) and then reinstalling,  the error message still remains, with the control panel of the FW driver greyed out.

    Most of the forum posts about this issue end with ' It suddenly started working this morning', and thats what happened to me the last time too, but I haven't been that lucky this time. There is absolutely no response from the manufacturer about this matter and I really don't know where to go from here. The installation goes fine. I tried the  IEEE 1394 host controller(Legacy) , Texas instruments 1394 host controller in device manager. Nothing.

    All the latest drivers, firmware have been downloaded and installed from the yamaha website and here are the details of the hardware involved -

    PCI Firewire Card - SIIG NN-440012-S8 (Texas Instruments Chipset)
    OS - Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    Can someone please tell me how on earth should I generally deal with such traumatizing driver issues when they show absolutely no direction as to what is wrong?  :'(

    Thank you!