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Author Topic: Blank screen - New computer  (Read 1538 times)

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Blank screen - New computer
« on: March 05, 2006, 08:58:41 PM »
Hello everyone I am new here but so far reading all the topics it seems pretty helpful! Anyway I'm pretty good at repairing puters but I went all new style on my new one and I have nothing to test my equipment with. Im building a higher end gaming system so I went with SLI setup, now everything is new and is all made for SLI, yet at boot up all I get is a blank screen and one long beep followed by two short. Easy enough the booklet on the video card says that it means the video card or motherboard is bad, well without the video card in the same beeps happen, also the north bridge cooler gets pretty warm, normal?
  Note: At first start-up it ran fine, installed xp and ran NFS Most Wanted smooth, then started a defrag and bam black screen of death. reseated the card, reset bios, and check RAM presto it worked for about 5min then froze.

550w PS w/ SLI
EVGA 6800 PCI-e
Asus A8N-SLI mb w/ AMD3500
512mb pc3200
Coolermaster water cooler

Anybody expericence the same problem? I cant tell if its a mb, video card or some other problem. I checked the BEEP POST and I know its a video code but is there any way it would be a mb issue?
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