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Author Topic: ComputerHope Ranks  (Read 22170 times)

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    ComputerHope Ranks
    « on: April 05, 2006, 10:57:38 PM »
    What does the word "Newbie" or "Intermediate", etc. under my name mean?

    That is your current ranking on the forums.

    What are rankings?

    Your rank is a meter showing how many posts you have made. It also gives some clue about your computer knowledge, though this is certainly not in any way accurate. The reason for this is the simple fact that most posts made are questions, and posts made while troubleshooting. However, if one has a lot of posts, though it doesn't prove one is intelligent, it can help suggest it. This is not to say, however, that people with few posts are dumb. In fact, there are usually several experts in computer knowledge that are infrequent visitors, and so are considered a "newbie" but only in posts.

    In short, you should not judge a post by the poster's ranking. Judge instead by how helpful the information included is, and how well it works for you.

    When will I reach XYZ ranking?

    The short answer is that you will reach that ranking when you have made the required number of posts.

    *Note these may change on days such as April Fools day (see below post for info).

    Mastermind = 15000 and above
    Genius = 10000 and 14999
    Sage = 7600-9999
    Prodigy = 6000-7599
    Hacker = 4700-5999
    Guru = 3700-4699
    Egghead = 2800-3699
    Expert = 2000-2799
    Specialist = 1400-1999
    Leet = 1337-1337
    Mentor = 1000-1399
    Adviser = 650-999
    Apprentice  = 400-649
    Hopeful = 225-399
    Intermediate = 125-224
    Beginner = 50-124
    Rookie = 10-49
    Greenhorn = 5-9
    Starter = 3-4
    Newbie = 1-2 posts
    Newcomer = 0

    How can I achieve XYZ ranking faster?

    Think rather: "How many people can I help?" It's a much more healthy attitude. People who post for post count alone have a name: They're called spammers. Spam posts have no real content, and do not add to the forum. It is general practice to avoid making such posts. Make your posts actually count. Not only will the other members appreciate this, but you will feel much more satisfaction out of helping a score of people than simply getting a rank. Besides, those who spam often get their posts removed, thus destroying the whole point of spamming. So don't do it. The occasional joke is perfectly fine, but don't do this very often. Off-topic comments are better reserved for Private Messages, which do not count towards your post count.

    In summary...
    Your rank is a symbol showing how much time you dedicate to the ComputerHope forums. You should be proud when you get promoted, it is a good feeling, but don't spam the forums to get there. That path leaves no winners. Happy posting on the forums.
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    Re: ComputerHope Ranks
    « Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 09:33:59 PM »
    April Fools day ranks. (Based off Star Trek) ;D

    Thanks goes out to the Starfleet ranks page for this information and for the images.

    Fleet Admiral = 15000 and above
    Admiral = 10000 and 14999
    Vice Admiral = 7600-9999
    Rear Admiral = 6000-7599
    Commodore = 4700-5999
    Captain = 3700-4699
    Commander = 2800-3699
    Lieutenant Commander = 2000-2799
    Lieutenant = 1400-1999
    Lieutenant Junior Grade = 1000-1399 (Leet = 1337-1337)
    Ensign = 650-999
    Master Chief Petty Officer  = 400-649
    Senior Chief Petty Officer = 225-399
    Chief Petty Officer = 125-224
    Petty Officer 1st class  = 50-124
    Petty Officer 2nd class  = 10-49
    Crewman 1st Class = 5-9
    Crewman 2nd Class = 3-4
    Crewman 3rd Class = 1-2 posts
    Recruit = 0
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