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Author Topic: installed samsung 205bw software e1705 primarry screen blank samsung became prim  (Read 2663 times)

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installed samsung 205bw software e1705 primary screen blank samsung became primary

Laptop is a Seco Epson 17.2 inch monitor, blacked out when we installed the drivers for the samsung 205Bw - Samsung to be secondary monitor is now ONLY monitor - no laptop even on batteries!  Laptop is a Dell Inspiron E1705 with nVidia 7800, 2 gig RAM -  can't 'see' the BIOs to correct the settings- total frustration.

I know - should have used plug-n-play, what can I say - we were tired & brains OFF.  The samsung works fine as secondary monitor on our other laptop (no drivers installed - used plug-n-play).

HELP - Samsung says it was a plug-n-play monitor (but doesn't say on paperwork), Dell says 'send it in & we'll fix it - for a fee', nVidia says they only make the chip set - Dell makes the video card.  My, aren't  we all covered - except this dumb customer....

nosliw in deep dew-dew


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I'm back with a sad tale, have sent the machine back to Dell twice.  First time they installed a new screen only (charged for screen & mb).  At this point we'd uped our service contract, 3 year guarantee on the whole machine (charge
@$299). Machine came back and d__ thing blue screened me 10 or 12 times within 2 weeks, found someone to track what was really done, ie no new mb installed so got ready to send it back again.  When the packing box arrived there was an extra box - & in it was a NEW screen & a NEW motherboard - what, is this now a do-it-yourself repair?  Sent both boxes back , one to repair station the other to where ever it came from... 

It's been maybe 3 weeks and yesterday I had 2 blue screens...  will this never cease.  Tried to check on my service - online there's no record of us having extended warranty --  Time to get paperwork straight etc

Oh, and did I mention, machine hasn't supported 2 screens since first 'fix'?.... 

Pam - I feel a cold winter coming...