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Author Topic: Computer comes on and then shuts down.  (Read 2987 times)

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Computer comes on and then shuts down.
« on: July 07, 2007, 01:10:29 PM »

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When I start my computer it comes on and then shuts off after a second or two. I have checked all cards and HD's even checked my new power supply.

Originally when this problem started I was playing a game. The game shut off and windows logged off and shut down. I restarted and computer came up on Bios screen. Memory and everything was reporting correctly so I set it default. Computer started and I continued playing that night. I shut it down and the next day it started in Bios again. Set it to default again and used it all day. Next day I turned the system on and it started to boot. It got past HD detection and then just shut off. That is when I started checking everything. Cards were removed and replaced, memory was also removed. Plugged another power supply in with same results. After trying everything I unplugged the 12v from the Processor. System started. My conclusion at that time was bad processor.  Removed P4 processor and returned it to Intel. It was replaced with a new one. Problem solved right? Wrong!!

Installed new processor and powered up system. It came on for a few seconds and shut off. This was yesterday. While off it would keep comming on and off. Had to switch off from the switch in the back of the computer. Cleared bios again. System started got past HD detection and then shut down. Still comming on and off. Unplugged the front power button thinking it may be bad. System started and booted up with no problem. Power switch right? Wrong!! Last night I used computer all night with no problems. Internet games etc. even did a virus spyware scan. This morning I powered the system up and it came on for about 2 seconds and then shut off. I doesn't come on and off like it did but it just won't stay on.

I am out of ideas. Anyone know how to fix this problem?



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Re: Computer comes on and then shuts down.
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2007, 08:19:00 AM »
I can see why you would be frustrated.
My 2 main suspects here would be either the PSU ( which you stated you already swapped out ) or the MBoard shorting out on the case.
The only way to track this down is to remove the MBoard completely from the case.
I use a rubber desk pad for this but cardboard will work fine.
With the board removed hook up only the PSU, vid card, 1 stick of RAM , mouse , keyboard and monitor and see if it will boot.
If so add one component at a time and test between each item.

Before replacing it in the case look carefully inside the case for any bent tabs, loose screws etc.
If you are missing any MBoard standoffs replace them as well.

Let us know...
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