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Author Topic: Speakers not working...has to do with windows actual speakers are fine  (Read 1790 times)

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A week ago a bubble popped up on my desktop offering to clear space because i was running out of memory on my computer. I clicked it (shouldn't have) and it "cleared space" but now my computer won't play any sound. i have Dell speakers and they work fine because i can plug them into my ipod and play that. I already did the Control Panel-Sounds and Audio Devices-Audio tab but once I get to the audio tab this website tells me to click "Advanced" under "sound playback". However, I don't even have the option of clicking that button. it won't let me click it. Also, there is no Volume control icon on the bottom right corner of my screen (next to the clock). like there should be. I really need help



    Re: Speakers not working...has to do with windows actual speakers are fine
    « Reply #1 on: August 01, 2007, 08:23:07 PM »
    Go to control panel - open sound Icon - put a check mark in the box.
    Place Volume Icon in Taskbar

    Windows XP
    See if your sound has been stopped in Services Under
    Windows Audio.
    Start - Control Panel - Open Administrative Tools - Open Component Services - Click Services (Local) and Scrowl down the list to Windows Audio to see if it says - Started. If stopped
    Left click Windows Audio and click restart. -
    Right click Windows Audio - left click Properties - Left click Start
    If the above doesn't work, go to control panel and open System Icon -
    Hardware Tab - Device Manager - Click the + Plus sign for Sounds.......... -
    Right click Realtek AC 97 (Or whatever Sound you have) - Left click - Update Driver.
    To update you will need the CD that came with your computer
    If you have the CD that came with your computer you should be able
    to install your sound drivers.