Started by nanncy, August 16, 2007, 08:06:20 AM

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My Intel P IV System with Intel D845 GVSR MotherBoard refuses to boot at many instances.It uses 256 MB RAM (Two 128 Stick). If the it is powered-on after the CMOS cell  removed and reinstalled,there is a screen showing the message that
'Memory error detected..
Memory timings reset to default settings
Preee F4 to enter Setup'
If the setup values are saved the system will work for sometime and then reboot or hang at various intervals.And I have to repeat the above procedure for booting the system.

Could anybody help me?


Take out one stick of RAM / reboot / run the system until it crashes..or doesn't.  If it doesn't, then the other stick of RAM is bad.  If it does, repeat the process to verify.

Post back with results.

Alan <><  :D
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Thanx Alen,
            Most probably it seems to be so.While I was running it with one RAM removed,and performed a 'memtest',20 locations of the RAM used were notified as damaged.And after a short while it restarted and hanged.I tried with the other RAM .It is working till moment without problem.
Let us see!!!!