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Author Topic: Mic was working sound wasnt. I installed Dirextx9, and problem reversed.  (Read 1479 times)

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Everything was working awhile ago.... Then i messed with my computer for something else....

Then my Mic was working and the sound wasnt. I reinstalled Dirextx9 (my video game says Directsound error. I installed Directx and the problem was gone) then the problem was just the opposite. 

Now the Sound is working and the mic isnt.... I installed DirectX9 to my desktop and somewhere else on accident. I know where they both are. I want to delete them, but then nothing will work I fear... How can i install DX9 to it's original path, so i can delete the others?


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    Start here:
    Then tell us a lot more about what you have been doing with DX 9.
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