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Author Topic: Outlook 2007 no send button proble. Please Help  (Read 1403 times)

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Outlook 2007 no send button proble. Please Help
« on: October 01, 2008, 11:04:03 AM »
I have been having problems with my Outlook.  I have a Suddenlink account that am trying to connect to via POP3.  The account setup works fine, the connection test out okay, and I can even receive my email, but when I open a new mail message there is no “send” button in the menu or next to the address fields.  The root command of ctrl+enter will not work either which leads me to believe this is not a menu issue.  When I try to setup the account on work Outlook both the send and receive works fine which leads me to believe that Suddenlink is not the problem.   I have searched Microsoft help and the internet and tried a number of different things, but nothing seems to fix the problem.  Here is a list of things that haven’t worked:
1.   Resetting the Toolbars
2.   Reinstalling Outlook
3.   Removing all the email accounts and redoing the setup
4.   Going under “more setting” and giving my SMTP authentication
5.   Setting up a new profile