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Title: multiple wireless cards/utilites--no connectivity
Post by: promicarus on March 21, 2010, 11:18:08 AM


Dell Inspiron 1300-XP--service pack 3

I recently got the computer second hand, so I'm not familiar with its history.

At first, a wireless reception bar showed for an "AWU254 wireless client",but no reception--cursor over symboL produced
'AWU254 wireless client not exist'.
There was no wireless connection at all in network connections.

As several other wireless-related cards (utilities) are listed under a search for "wireless",I uninstalled the AWU254.
 These are--Intel PROSet/wireless(program files/Intel),Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller, Dell wireless.
1)Intel PROSet/wireless(program files/Intel)--clicking produces 'Intel PPROSet wireless' box saying "driver is not installed"-'intel Proset/wireless software was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. Please install a supported adapter
   Thinking that it wasn't supported because there was no driver, I tried to download the driver, but the intel site searched my system endlessly with no action
   Likely more to the point, there's no Intel proset detected by device manager.

2)Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller isn't wireless

3)The "Dell wireless" in program files contains "Dell wireless WLAN card utility", which refers to WIN/Sys32/bcmwlcpl.CPL
--which doesn't exist
   sys32 does contain a BCMWLTRY, "Dell wireless WLAN card network controller", but it produces no response.

"wireless configuration utility" in the control panel does nothing.

--Should I see if there's a card there that just needs to be resecured (i'm not a computer person, as you might have guessed, so
 I'm not eager to open it up)?

Thanks for the help



Title: Re: multiple wireless cards/utilites--no connectivity
Post by: promicarus on March 22, 2010, 09:25:22 PM

  I've noticed that noone's responded to my post. If it's unclear, or there's some other reason i'm not getting an answer, I'd appreciate suggestions on how to improve it so that it elicits responses

Title: Re: multiple wireless cards/utilites--no connectivity
Post by: Geek-9pm on March 22, 2010, 11:59:07 PM
Just wait a bit. Everybody is busy with other issues right now.
You said you have a:
Dell Inspiron 1300-XP--service pack 3
Look around and see if you  can find the service tag number. Go into the Dell web site and you can find the owners manual for that PC. you can also find what built-in networking it has.

My guess is the first owner tried some other wireless cards or adapters for some reason. If you need basic wireless connection, you can get a USB adapter that will give you a simple connection if you ha e a wireless router in your house of office. Of course, you would want to remove the other wireless software.

You can get a good adapter at Wall Mart for under $25 or so.