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Title: i cant play h264 movies smoothly plz plz plz help.
Post by: shoaib537 on August 18, 2010, 04:12:35 PM
hi plz anybody help me i cant play h264 video files system cpu usage shoots to 100% despite the fact that my system is not that frnds with much lower system specs then my pc play these files very is my system specifications.

HDD : 120 GB.

PLZ help me some one. :'( :'( :'(
Title: Re: i cant play h264 movies smoothly plz plz plz help.
Post by: truenorth on August 18, 2010, 05:09:50 PM
Here is an answer given for your problem :It was obtained from this source"
Q:   The CPU usage is very high during video playback, any tips on how I can lower it?
Video playback can require a lot of processing power, certainly when the video has a high resolution (720p/1080p/1080i). Some video formats, such as H.264, are very complex to decode.

Some tips to lower the CPU usage are:
Use a more efficient decoder (if any exists). For H.264 video some fast decoders are mentioned further down below.
Enable the "Pre-buffer subpictures" option in the DirectVobSub subtitle filter. That lowers CPU usage a bit. Animated subtitles (such as found in some anime videos) may not display correctly with this option enabled, but such subtitles are very rare.
Disable the display of subtitles.
Disable resizing, and also any other post-processing filters that you might have enabled in ffdshow.
If you have forced ffdshow to always output RGB32, then allow it output in the YV12 and YUY2 colorspaces.
Use the Overlay Mixer renderer. This video renderer uses a bit less CPU cycles than other renderers.
Don't play the video full screen. That leads to resizing.
Close other programs that are also running on your computer that use a lot of CPU cycles. For example P2P programs.
For H.264 video, you could enable the skip deblocking option in ffdshow. You can find that option on the Codecs page in ffdshow video decoder configuration. It is located near the bottom of the window when you select H.264. Be aware that enabling this option leads to reduced video quality. In some cases it has only a minimal impact on quality, but sometimes it can lead to significant blocking and other decoding artifacts. We do not recommend enabling it.

If the video that you are playing contains H.264 video, then you could try using another decoder. The codec pack by default uses ffdshow for decoding H.264 video. This is a free and open-source decoder. Other decoders exist that have better performance as ffdshow. They should give you smoother playback, specially if you have a dual-core or quad-core processor.

Alternative H.264 decoders are:
CoreAVC. This decoder is unfortunately not available for free.
DivX H.264 decoder. This decoder is available for free as part of the DivX Bundle. Tip: disable everything in the bundle except the H.264 decoder.
ffmpeg-mt. This is an experimental multi-threaded version of the libavcodec decoding library, which is used by ffdshow. You can select ffmpeg-mt as decoder in ffdshow video decoder configuration.
MPC DXVA H.264 decoder. This is an internal decoder of Media Player Classic Homecinema. It uses your graphics card to perform most of the decoding process, resulting is a very low CPU usage. You can enable this decoder though: MPC Options -> Internal Filters. Note: this decoder has some specific requirements.
    Not knowing which media player you are endeavoring to play these videos on there seems to be a consensus from my research that "VLC" media player deals with this format more effectively than most others. It is a free  software download. I suggest that you give it a try. truenorth
Title: Re: i cant play h264 movies smoothly plz plz plz help.
Post by: Pointman on August 18, 2010, 08:09:54 PM
I'd check your friend's media player and settings to see if you can duplicate it and get your media to play.  Also as the person above suggested, get the latest codecs.  Hope this helps. I only have a 2.0 Gig CPU and there's nothing I can't play.
Title: Re: i cant play h264 movies smoothly plz plz plz help.
Post by: rthompson80819 on August 18, 2010, 11:39:34 PM
You don't mention what video card you have, or if it's on board video.  Also, it wouldn't hurt to add another 1GB of RAM.

My first guess would be that it's a problem with your video card, but without knowing more about what you have got it's impossible to tell.
Title: Re: i cant play h264 movies smoothly plz plz plz help.
Post by: shoaib537 on August 19, 2010, 10:25:14 AM
i have instelled core AVC full version with media player classic but i does not help alot.
and my video card is RADEON IGP 345M
with 128 MB adapter RAM.