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Title: ERROR MESSAGE:Application Error. Two Programs
Post by: Johnniee on January 13, 2011, 12:09:35 AM
I am a user of Accumark which uses the parralel ports which are 2 devices probably 3 inches wide connected to each other to the outside of the desktop. OS I am using is Windows NT

When I open the PDS.exe file I get this problem

Application Error: C:\userroot\prog\appl\wpds.exe

Below the Error: It describes this; The instruction at 00436749 referenced memory at 00000004 The memory could not read from.

After, I click "OK" It follows up from the above,

Dr. Watson for Windows NT

An application error has occurred and an application error log is being generated.
Exception access violation (0xc00000005, Address 0x00436749

Which is the first problem I am currently facing, The second problem is when opening Sil2000.exe is that it gives me the triangle with the exclamation point having said "Error-Unable to login to storage area. Storage area may be locked.

Things that I did before Was when i took pnpisa from the windows nt workstation disk and moved it into the system32 folder and also changed plug and play automatic to manual. Pretty much wanted to have windows NT to allow plug and play since i wanted to use a usb drive for windows NT NOTE: TOTAL FAILURE all i want now is my 2 files that works and can guarantee me going to work and make new design for clothes. Took some advice from guitar_man which was download driveragent.exe downloaded R34506.exe, R50035.exe networking driver inf update sr125 v6.22.100.1441.exe,

Caused a few problems got the blue screen showing i may have a virus in computer used the chk????.exe i dont know the exact name but showed sometime few hrs ago.

Things to point out the desktop has no internet access, wasnt able to load spybot because it needed updates to check problems, wasnt able to load malware scanner which mbma something. I can move files from disk to the Windows NT desktop.