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Post by: Homosapian on May 28, 2012, 05:15:03 AM
Hi,I need help. My computer doesn't display the manufacturer logo when starting up; it goes directly to a black and white screen that says error reading disc. My hardrive is broken. The above mentioned is understandable. What I donít understand is why the manufacturer logo and all other details that are usually displayed when you switch on your computer aren't displayed. I found a way to get into my bios by restarting my computer and repeatedly pushing the delete key, and presto my bios screen appears. I want to buy a new hardrive; before I do I need to know whatís wrong, and whether or not my problem can be fixed. My finances are limited; therefore I canít afford to make the wrong move. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!
Title: Re: PLEASE HELP!!!
Post by: patio on May 28, 2012, 05:40:21 AM
The manuf. splash screen only comes on at the successful passing of the POST checks...
Since it's not getting that far because of a dead drive it's not showing up.
Title: Re: PLEASE HELP!!!
Post by: truenorth on May 28, 2012, 11:35:07 AM
We don't know the brand and model of the computer.If it is a desktop (can also be performed on a laptop--just not quite as easy) to address the financial concerns. It could be bad cable connections between the HDD and the motherboard.So try removing and reinserting the cables. The cable itself could be defective so you could try another cable.Is it a sata or ide HDD? You could also try the hdd in another computer to see if it is recognized.Depending on the type a jumper may need to be changed for the test. You say this as fact "My hardrive is broken". Why are you so certain that is the case? How old is the computer and the HDD? Is the hdd making (or was it making ) any unusual noises prior to this issue or now.Clicking or grinding sounds?  truenorth
P.S. I certainly don't desire to add to your frustrations with your computer problems.But i do have a suggestion re posting on forums.As you know most people come to help forums for well "HELP". Potential responders (those that may have ideas or solutions) often decide on their participation from the subject stated.To gain the greatest advantage when posting the more appropriate your subject the more likely you will get greater and more thorough replies. Make sense?