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Title: Drives to turn on/off for Sytem Restore
Post by: 0me0mi on June 21, 2013, 12:07:06 PM
First, I hope this is an appropriate area to post this. I really had no idea what other category it would fit into.

History and Information:
I haven't used Windows in a couple of years, but purchased a new computer.

My less than one month old Acer V5-571PG touchscreen laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed was initially sent for repair because it did not show any USB options in Bios. It was returned to me from their repair office, but when I turned the computer on, it went directly to the Windows Activation screen and I couldn't get into other areas. Long story short, after calling them again I reinstalled the system to factory defaults and have since reinstalled programs and the like.

The system itself is now running OK. I have also created  backups of my files and a Recovery disk. I included the above information so you know it was sent to a repair shop, did not open properly, and I was told by customer support to reset it to factory defaults, which I did. I also called them regarding my current issue. They're reply was: 1) the "Acer(C:)(Missing)" did not exist since they couldn't see it under the Windows Disk Manager, and 2) return it again so they can restore it to factory defaults... I'm hoping that someone here may be able to help solve my current issue, since otherwise the computer is now running OK.

To help you visualize what I'm currently seeing and in need of assistance with, I've attached a screenshot of the System Properties (Restore) and one of the disk management programs (Disk).

My current issue:
Now that I have it working OK and set up, I wanted to create a Restore Point. Under Restore Points, I have both "Acer(C:)(System)" and "Acer(C:)(Missing)" listed as options to turn Protection on or off for, as well as "Push Button Reset". The "Acer(C:)(Missing)" had Protection turned on when I first went into System Restore and had "Acer(C:)(System) and "Push Button Reset" turned off. The "Acer(C:)(Missing)" does not show in Disk Management, but does show on third party software -including AOMEI, which is what I chose to stick with.

Under AOMEI, there is a partition with no label, file system listed as 'other', 128MB size but is empty, flagged as GPT, MSR, and it's status is 'none'. Because of this information, I'm thinking it's a 'leftover' or something from the previous bad install.

But I need to know for sure if I can turn off the Protection for it, which in effect will remove it if I use System Restore in the future and am not sure if my Recovery disk will have it, since I've not used it before. I believe this because I hit "turn off" and it gave a warning that all restore points for it would be deleted and would no longer be able to be accessed - so I canceled turning it off.

I would also appreciate knowing if I should turn "Push Button Reset" on or keep it off as well, but this is a secondary question.

Thank you for any help and insight you may have on this issue.

[recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Re: Drives to turn on/off for Sytem Restore
Post by: 0me0mi on June 21, 2013, 10:19:09 PM
After searching and asking this without even a remote hint of what this is, I decided to just make a system backup, turn off the Protection for the "missing" drive, and go from there...

I'll consider this closed.