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Title: outlook problems
Post by: becky on October 26, 2005, 06:58:46 AM
I am trying to configure outlook for my computer at home, I use for my email, and I want to configure outlook to go to that POP3 account.  I have configured outlook express, but there is something wrong, and i think it is one of the default settings on my outlook 2000, that is making it very unhappy.
the message is "network problems are preventing connection to the microsoft exchange server computer.  contact your system administrator if problem persists."
 this is my home computer, there is no administrator...
so, i click "ok" then it says "the action could not be completed"  click ok.
 then i get the microsoft exchange server general box, and it is asking me for the "microsoft exchange server" and "mailbox" with options to check name, ok, cancel or help.  the help does not help, mind you.
 so, i cannot do anything, because when i put my into the "microsoft exchange server" and "[email protected]" into the "mailbox" or even just "myname" or "admin"....nothing works.
 i don't know how to reset all the settings in outlook so i can tell it my account should be pop3, or if that is even the problem.  i have no control, no control at all.    bummer.  

please help! thank you in advance.
Title: Re: outlook problems
Post by: pcwizard on October 26, 2005, 03:40:43 PM
Are you using an internet based email address? does not have the @ sign indicative of a pop3 account (although that's not a rigid rule).

If so, it's not a pop3 account you should be configuring its an IMAP account or an HTTP account, although this last one is primarily for hotmail types and they need subscription now.