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Title: HDD Swap
Post by: Marian on February 27, 2018, 01:52:24 AM

 I am new, so hi to everyone.
 I recently bought a PC, which I think has windows 7 on (I didn't receive it yet)
 Could I take the SSD from my older computer, which has the operating system on it, and replace the SSD from the new computer.....and still expect the programs+OS to work ?
 IF the answer is yes, could I then theoretically be able to swap when needed the SSD between computers? ( the reason for it is I am expecting to travel out of town for work for 5 days every week, and I do need A computer at home and one at work).

 I know the obvious answer would be : just use 1  SSD for each computer, each with it's own OS... but then the software I need to work (3D software), would have to be bought again :(

 Thank you in advance,