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Title: Black screen on boot and after.
Post by: Altair on February 27, 2018, 05:16:20 AM
Hallo to every member.A friend of mine,gave me a pc but it shows a black screen from the beginning and i can't do anything.The vga is a GTX 550 Ti.I connect it through vga but also by HDMI.Nothing. Could someone help me ,please. Thank you very much. :'(
Title: Re: Black screen on boot and after.
Post by: DaveLembke on February 27, 2018, 10:11:07 AM
For starters I am guessing it turns on and so you hear fans but no video output?

If so..if it has integrated video as an option I would remove the GTX video card from the system and see if it will boot running off integrated video only. ( remove the video card safely with power off )

If still nothing on display remove all system RAM and install a single stick of RAM.

If still nothing try again with another stick of RAM if available where more than one stick was installed.

If still nothing try a single stick of RAM in a different memory slot to eliminate odds of a damaged RAM slot causing the post failure.

If still no boot then verify that the RAM is correct for the system ( seen before where a person got a system with wrong RAM installed and no post. Unlikely but mentioning.

If still nothing on display then disconnect the hard drive(s) and see if it will boot. (This reduces the power draw on what could be a weak power supply. )

If still nothing then perform a BIOS ( CMOS RESET ). This will be a jumper, or push button, or removal of coincell 2032 battery, and if removal of battery replace battery back into board after a few minutes which should clear BIOS of any out of spec settings that could cause the system to fail to boot.

If still no successful boot then replace the power supply with a known good power supply. ( These can be borrowed from a friend or another desktop computer to avoid spending money.)

If still no boot then its likely that the motherboard itself is bad. ( You could take a gamble on finding another board with matching CPU socket which also has support for that specific CPU in its CPU support list and swap out motherboards and the CPU should still be good for use in new motherboard as well as RAM should be healthy as well unless the system was struck by lightning etc which can fry RAM and CPU, BUT usually when that happens its a system that wont boot at all and is completely dead with no spinning fans and lit LEDs.

Lastly its assumed that this isn't just parts slapped together that they never got working and aborted the build process, and that all hardware here originally worked together at some point in the past. ( Stating this because I had a guy bring a system to me once that had a CPU Installed that the motherboard never supported, and he has ECC RAM installed where the motherboard only supported NON-ECC RAM, and the computer was given to him from a friend who was buying up parts on ebay and when the system didn't work and they couldn't figure out why they decided to throw it away and this other guy took over trying to get it working to which he contacted me and I found these 2 issues that caused a system that would turn on with fans running and no display and no post beep codes. *Replacing the ECC RAM with a single stick of NON-ECC RAM that I could donate to his build and finding a Core 2 Duo CPU which I also could donate to him we got the system to boot successfully. He held onto the socket 775 quadcore that was originally in it in case he ever got a better motherboard that could support it. )