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Title: Windows 10 shut down
Post by: silkie on March 19, 2018, 04:25:12 AM
Windows 10 - for the last couple of weeks after clicking shut down I have been getting a blue screen with the following:

"Closing 1 app and shutting down"
Task Host Window
Task Host is stopping background tasks
(MS\Windows\Device Directory Client\Register User Device)

Lower down page is option "Shut down anyway" - shut down does not happen unless this is clicked. I presume the bracketed item is the app referred to.

My query is: what is Task Host?  and why should this happen out of the blue?  I cant find "Task Host" on my PC and although there are lots of references on the web,  no simlple understandable explanation.

Comments and advice appreciated.
Title: Re: Windows 10 shut down
Post by: spankBot on April 01, 2018, 10:23:04 AM
Task Host is simply the command that terminates active windows processes ''Tasks", the fact that windows 10 struggles with terminating tasks in a common issue. So this tells me that there may be a program (app) that is in a sense arguing with windows when it says it is time to go to bed. So,the idea is to figure out which is doing it. Anti-Virus software would be my first suspect. But what you do is with your computer on hit the Windows Key + R and type in msconfig             Got to services them check ''Hide all Microsoft Serviced''. DO NOT disable anything you do not recognize,just applications you have installed. Do one at a time-by that I mean uncheck  one then try to shut down. If it happens again try another  one. This a process of elimination. Also look for something called the ''Power troubleshooter'' on you PC. Some success has been reported in using this tool. Try that first.
Title: Re: Windows 10 shut down
Post by: patio on October 19, 2018, 06:43:38 AM
They haven't been back since March...