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Title: Not able to format E drive
Post by: rana on April 11, 2018, 06:21:47 PM
I have a 160 GB hard disk .
There a 3 drives C,D,e drive
whenever I try to enter E drive it say "format before using This drive"
then when I try to format It says unable to format drive
pls help
Title: Re: Not able to format E drive
Post by: Geek-9pm on April 11, 2018, 07:23:25 PM

this is from dictation.
This is from dictation.
Why do you have three partitions? Having multiple partitions on the hard drive can be a good idea, but under some conditions you may lose the ability to manage one of the partitions. Here are the reasons why:
if you have more than one operating system on your computer and you have a multi boot loader, one system cannot modify the drive that belongs to the other system.
Additionally, the third drive may be associated with one the operating systems and for that reason he cannot manage it unless you're on the system that owns that dry.
Another reason is that you may have a portable program on the third drive and that portable program is a resident program. If that is your he drive, the you cannot format that drive because there is an active program that is using that drive.
Or to put it another way, I am not able to help you with this problem LSU can describe in some detail how you expect the three partitions to work.
Also, most likely your drive is not set up this MBR. Here using Windows CE and it makes you think that you're most likely using GPT for the try system. In that case there are some rules about whether not you can format the drive.
So the question is about how to chew create the drives in the first place?
In the drive partition was created that was the appropriate time to format the drive.
It was seen that now for some reason you want to format the petard partition even though he was previously created and formatted it and supposedly put some data on it. If so, why do you want to format it now and destroy all the data?
This is not a chat room, so I'm going to put up additional things here so we can get right to the heart of the matter.
Do you have a backup system?
Are you the sole owner of this computer? Or, are other people also using this computer?
I can, why you want to format the drive? Do you suspect the drive is defective or at least the partition has some defective sectors? If so, there are nondestructive diagnostic tools that can validate the partition without the need to completely wipe everything out.
Title: Re: Not able to format E drive
Post by: rana on April 12, 2018, 05:49:46 AM
I am the sole user of the computer
the partition was there since before .
I just bought the hard disk recently
Title: Re: Not able to format E drive
Post by: patio on April 12, 2018, 07:19:49 AM
Right clik My Manage...then select Disk Management....Right clik the E: partition and select Properties.....
Report all is says.