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Title: Servers and hosts question
Post by: michaelgoss31 on June 21, 2018, 09:46:21 PM
Hi everyone, I apologize if this is the wrong section or if this breaks any rules.  If so please move or delete.  Ok so, I am re-opening my business and My old tech guy has moved and I can't reach him.  Basically I have my own server I spent a pretty penny on and I'm trying to get my office network up and running and servers are not my specialty by any means.  My question is how do I go about getting my website put up and email up and working for my employees.  Do I need a host for both? I would like a uniform email system that would give me for example [email protected]  I would need to be able to access all employees emails from said server.  So what steps should I take to begin getting this set up?  The server is already set up and wired throughout the facility.  My website is already built from my last business I just need to make a few changes to it before I put it up.  Do I need an email host?  Or can I do it on my own server?  Do I need a website host or domain or?  thanks so much
Title: Re: Servers and hosts question
Post by: DaveLembke on June 22, 2018, 05:37:58 AM
My best suggestion is to hire out an IT professional who can get this connected and secure for you. You will need to establish a static IP with ISP in order to run a server that has a web presence otherwise your IP would be changing at times which could cause problems. Most ISP's require a business account plan purchased for internet access for a business. Have seen people do it with residential plans and some port manipulation to "hide" hosted traffic on non traditional ports, but you can get into trouble with ISP when trying to work away their residential ISP plan port blocks. I feel you should hire someone to set this all up for you. Additionally, they might tell you that its cheaper and easier to manage a 3rd party hosted service for your business vs hosting your own servers which come with what can be a costly electric bill to run the server(s) 24/7/365 as well as a hosted service you wouldn't have to worry about an IT professional for a server issue, the 3rd party would assume all costs associated with hardware failure and keeping it secure from known threats.