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Title: Curser runs away
Post by: grounded on June 01, 2019, 03:48:15 AM
 I have had this problem for a while, mostly while typing emails nothing I do fixes it, touch freeze, disk clean even reinstalling Incredimail, I am surprised it isn't happening here, there must be a reason for this behaviour, can anyone help with a solution. I have tried Incredimail with no success, It is driving me nuts, here's hoping.
Title: Re: Curser runs away
Post by: DaveLembke on June 01, 2019, 03:20:57 PM
If this is on a laptop, then its likely that the touchpad is getting touched through the process or typing. On my ASUS Laptop I had to add a program that disables the touchpad while the keystrokes are occurring. Otherwise I would be typing a message and different areas of the email or document I am typing would all of a sudden have the pointer move the focus of what is to be typed elsewhere from where I was typing.

A message like the following would occur( as touchpad was brushed by wrist during typing and it then set the focus to after "to" adding the end of the sentence to within the middle of the sentence or elsewhere in whatever document was being typed:

I went toand this happens. type normal

When I wanted to type:

I went to type normal and this happens.

If this is the problem your having I can boot my laptop and share with you the free program I am using to fix this issue.