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Title: function keys not working
Post by: TopseCret63 on June 15, 2019, 07:59:31 PM
mi device is an RCA 2 in one tablet that runs windows 10 home, the model is W101SA23T1
The keys works but they dont do what they normaly do, for example, if I press alt+ F4 it would try to close a program, it dosent do anything.
but if I press the F4 key alone it mutes the tablet, I think that is something that is ment to happend only when you press FN+F4. the FN key does not do anything in combination with any other function key. i tried a lot of things in tutorials, including presing F11 or F12, searching for an option that enable the functions keys on the BIOS( I did not find the same option on my version of BIOS), even checking in the windows settings settings, the last option that I found but choose not to use was updating the drivers of the keyboard but i found that useless, because its not old, but i dont know i hope someone knows the answer