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Title: Acer logo loop and USB not working
Post by: TomasP. on March 21, 2021, 11:43:08 AM
Hello friends,
I am trying to fix somebody's laptop Acer ES1-331 N15W3. Probably operating on Windows 8.1, it only shows Acer logo before restarting and its stuck on loop. It was given to me with being able to see Windows login screen - password always failed and after my first try to Reset Windows, it crashed because charger stopped working during the process [it is a European charger with sparky adapter for UK plugs, since then I found replacement charger that works but I never seen Windows login again]

I have tried System restore, Reset Windows with keeping the files and factory reset - all gets interrupted with a problem during the process.
Im locked out of other options as it doesnt accept user password anymore [definitely correct one] and there is no other account to choose from.

It was bought in Croatia, its in her language so I decided to download Win 8.1 x32 Croatian version, create bootable USB with rufus and set Boot load order to USB HDD at the first place, Secure boot disabled but that didnt work. I also switched from UEFI to legacy with F12 boot menu enabled, but the menu only shows Windows boot manager. Setting BIOS into default did nothing.

All solutions I found contain USB usage and since I cant get the laptop to recognise mine, Im stuck here. And Im sure its bootable USB, used it handful times on various laptops for the same purpose.

I will much appreciate any suggestions, thanks
Title: Re: Acer logo loop and USB not working
Post by: Lisa_maree on March 21, 2021, 02:14:45 PM
When all you have done doesn't get the laptop to work it is looking like a Hard drive or memory Fault.

If you are able to boot the recovery media the memory is likely ok.

Leaving the hard drive faulty, if you have any diagnostic's tools you can boot from USB like for example Parted Magic you could try running a diagnostic on the drive. 

If you don't have diagnostic tools available but have some way to attach the drive to another computer, usb to sata adapter or attach it direct you will need to remove the drive.
This video shows how to remove the drive
If the hard drive is failing you will need to replace it. This program will show the health of the drive, HD sentinel

Title: Re: Acer logo loop and USB not working
Post by: TomasP. on March 21, 2021, 07:58:06 PM
Thank you so much for replying! I will surely keep you posted about the progress