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Title: Configuring CCleaner
Post by: dl65 on June 05, 2006, 07:44:09 PM
How to configure your  CCleaner  for best cleaning results

CCleaner : Get it at ……..

Open CCleaner

Click Options/Advanced

In the Advanced window , Only tick the following:

Show prompt to backup registry issues.
Show detailed log of Internet Explorer temporary file.

Click Settings

Ensure that Automatically check for updates to cleaner is ticked.

If you wish to use the default ( fastest ) setting , ensure that the
Normal file deletion is ticked.

If you wish a more secure file deletion ,
mark …….Secure file deletion and then from the box below……
Select either Simple ( 1 pass ) , DOD (3 passes) or NSA (7passes)

Now you are ready to use CCleaner…. Click…the Cleaner ( brush ) icon
Located in the upper left corner.  A new window will open .

Under  cleaner settings , click the Windows tab and ensure that :
Internet Explorer is ticked and all its sub entries ,with the exception of
Auto complete form history. ( If you tick this , any of your saved passwords will be lost )
Windows Explorer  is ticked as well as all its sub entries.

System  is ticked as well as all its sub entries.

Now ….. if you look over into the main window it will be blank with 2 buttons at the bottom , one called Analyze ( pressing it will display all the files that will be deleted ) and it is safe to delete them all.
To Delete them ….. click the Run cleaner button and you will be prompted if you wish to permanently delete these files …… click yes . You will see activity on the progress bar and the indication that the files have been deleted.

Next ……click on the ISSUES icon ( located on the left side , below the cleaner icon.
You will notice that under Issue scanning settings ……everything is checked …..leave it that way.
NOTE: In newer versions, the ISSUES section of CCleaner is now being referred to as REGISTRY.

Now click on the Scan for Issues button  located down at the bottom
Again , you will see activity on the progress bar and when it reachs 100% if you have no issues , it will display……. No issues were found ……. Or if it found issues , they will be displayed below.
Now click on Fix selected issues and you will be asked to back up . Follow the advice and save the backup. ( You can now safely fix these issues by clicking on the Fix Selected Issues button. )

If you run into any programs which you are unable to remove by the “Normal method” ……. Going into the control panel and using the add/Remove programs feature ….. give CCleaner a try , by opening CCleaner and clicking on the Tools icon .  The uninstall window will appear with a list of all the programs that are currently installed on your machine …….. scroll down and select the one you wish to remove and then click on Run uninstaller

If you wish to change any program that are set-up to run each time you restart your machine ……. Click on the Start-up button . Again , scroll to the app you wish to remove from the start-up and click …. Delete entry.

Enjoy ......
dl65  ::)