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Title: Phoenix BIOS POST Beep codes
Post by: steverlittle on February 09, 2007, 05:17:51 PM
I have recently installed a second hand Gigabyte GA-8SIMLH M/board into my socket 478 P4 machine replacing a Gigabyte GA-8SG667 board. Specification on both boards say that the 2.0GHz 400FSB CPU and 512 MB DDR333 (single) memory chip I had originally installed are compatible. On starting the machine with the GA-8SIMLH M/board installed, the machine almost immediately gives off short, repeated beeps. Nothing else happens, and there is no video dispay. I have searched websites and asked Gigabyte for help but from that have only become more confused. I have stripped the PC down to M/board, power supply (300W) CPU and memory, with the only connector attached to the board being the soft start. It still beeps. I have then removed the memory - still beeps, but takes an extra second to do so - replaced the memory and removed the CPU - no more beeps. It appears the BIOS is saying that the CPU has failed, but I am not sure. I am also not sure that a single memory chip is appropriate for the GA-8SIMLH board. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? What is the BIOS beep code telling me? What has my own experiment told me? Many thanks in anticipation of your help.
Title: Re: Phoenix BIOS POST Beep codes
Post by: GX1_Man on February 09, 2007, 06:56:04 PM
Taking the CPU out proves nothing. What did Gigagbyte tell you that was confusing. What do the beep codes mean according to their site?